Quitting Cold Turkey

I’m in the transition of overhauling my diet for the better, though let me tell you that this is absolutely not an easy thing to do. And when I say overhauling, I mean going from a meat based diet with chips at night, lots of candy boxes, and processed foods as sides to a fish and veggies only diet. That’s quite a drastic overhaul if you ask me.

While I know that people everywhere convert to vegetarianism and veganism quite often, it’s something that I would assume is a process for the majority of those people. I’d assume a lot tend to let things gradually transition so that it’s easy to finally become adjusted to a plant based diet only.

But my method won’t be as easy on me, I’m afraid. Mine will essentially be a cold turkey sort of switch from my old diet to the new pescatarian diet. While having some meat in the form of fish will help me out, I’m certain I’ll be slow to take to the new diet and regress into wanting milk or chips or a brat. And that’s how cold turkey quitting tends to work.

Luckily, my fiancee is all on board with our new diet, so it helps to have someone right there alongside you encouraging you to stay strong and eat the good stuff. I know my health depends on a healthier switch in food. And my ideals do as well. I just hope it’s not a phase and ends up more as a change in lifestyle.

But that’s where it can be a change in lifestyle if I want it to be. There’s nothing that’s out of my control in this situation whatsoever. I can do it just as well as anyone else can. It’s just willpower in sticking to the new diet, excising all the bad meats and candy boxes and chips. I don’t want to let the idea of quitting be easy to me, and I don’t want it to seem like my old diet will always be there waiting for me. Rather, I want to look at this from an entirely new perspective that this is my only option and I must make the change.

That’s the way you quit cold turkey. There is no going back. There’s only adapting to the new and moving forward. No other way to it. No ifs, ands, or buts. No questions asked.


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